Originally from Normandy, but Provencals at heart, we decided to make our dream a reality, and we began to search for a place to live where we could be closer to nature. We discovered this rare treasure of a place – overlooking the Ventoux mountain, between the Alpine foothills and Provence, at the heart of the ‘Baronnies Provençales’ Regional Natural Park – an old Provencal farm immersed in the middle of 100 hectares of nature. We fell in love at first sight with its charm and beauty, and decided to settle here.

The estateoverlooks a protected valley, and is just two kilometres from the spa village of Montbrun-les-bains. A small road winds its way from the village to the estate, passing through green oak and lime trees and provencal herbs.

L’Osclaye benefits from a natural spring, and thus offers an incredible variety of natural open spaces, both wild and developed.

Everyone will find something here to suit their mood and inclinations – reading in a hammock; meditation or yoga; losing yourself in the stars that can be viewed from the observatory; hiking / walks along the paths that run across the whole estate; lazing by the infinity pool; playing bowls (‘pétanque’); meals with family, friends or other guests…. The kitchen garden and the orchard also rekindle a connection to the origins of the place. Everyone is welcome – whether you already know this area well or it is your first time here!

We are very excited about sharing this beautiful, unique place where nature, tranquillity and simplicity work in harmony with comfort, serenity and authenticity.


The l’Osclaye estate consists of over 100 hectares of protected countryside in the heart of the Natural Park of Baronnies Provençales. At l’Osclaye we have made a choice to live with and to respect the natural environment.


We are committed to preserving the natural resources of the estate.

We have installed a recycling facility in each of our gîtes and ecolodges, as well as composting for organic waste.

We use environmentally friendly products for cleaning the accommodation, and we are constantly in search of ways of doing things that are more respectful of the environment.


During your stay at l’Osclaye you will be able to discover the wealth and diversity of the natural environment. We can provide guidebooks of local flaura and fauna; binoculars; information about the ‘Parc Naturel Régional des  Baronnies Provençales’; ordnance survey maps of the estate and the region, as well as information brochures on the local countryside and what you might discover there.


At L’Osclaye we consider water to be an extremely precious natural resource. The supply of drinking water for the site comes exclusively from a spring and a borehole. To protect this  precious resource and reduce waste we try not to consume more than a reasonable amount of drinking water.

We have installed certain features at L’Osclaye that will enable you to contribute to the conservation of this precious natural wealth:

  • Dual flush toilets,
  • Shower heads with adjustable pressure,
  • Ecological taps

We hope that everyone who stays at L’Osclaye will help to preserve this resource.

We have also started to create a Mediterranean ‘dry garden’, consisting of  very drought resistant plants. Once the plants are well established they need almost no watering.

Our kitchen garden is in the process of being constructed. It will be on terraces supported by dry stone walls. One of the most interesting characteristics of this type of wall is its ability to drain water. In times of drought, the terraces held up by the dry stone walls serve as water reserves, which will gradually let water through over time. A small spring with a pool to catch the water will thus enable us to water the garden.

Hélène & Jérôme Cailleux